Volkswagen Group Services

| Volkswagen Group Services is the Service Company of the Volkswagen Group, oriented to work for the Group’s companies worldwide. They provide services in the areas of data engineering (IT), engineering, commercial services, etc. They are focused on their customers’ activities and assume responsibility for carrying them out on their behalf.

Volkswagen Group Services was founded in April 2001 in Wolfsburg, Germany.

It currently has around 11,000 employees at the seven European locations and within the Iberian Peninsula is located in Palmela, Pamplona and Barcelona.

The Challenge

The objective was to migrate a monolithic on-premise application to a microservices architecture using Kubernetes and on AWS.

The solution had to have the following features:

  • High availability.
  • Leverage the use of AWS managed systems.
  • Use the Cloud Native deployment system.
  • Ensure potential future growth.
  • Multiple environments (DEV, QA, PRO).

Unlimited compute capacity on demand.

The Solution

We proceed to create a Kubernetes cluster using Fargate for each element (DEV, QA, PRO) using the following services:

  • Application load balancers (ALB)
  • Network load balancers (NLB)
  • 2 instances t3.xlarge
  • 3 instance RDS db.m5.xlarge
  • Opensearch service
  • S3
  • Amazon Managed Prometheus
  • Amazon Managed Grafana
  • Amazon Cognito
  • API Gateway
  • NAT Gateway
  • Certificate Manager
  • Route 53
  • Amazon ECR
  • Code commit
  • Codebuild
  • Cloud watch logs
  • AWS Fargate
  • SSM
  • Cloudformation
  • AWS Backup


All components are found in all 3 environments.

From Teradisk we have designed and sized the architecture at system level. We have advised in the process of code deployment by the development team. We have automated the creation of the environments.

We currently monitor and manage the clusters including production.

We also advise on systems architecture level for new requirements that have VWGS as part of the project is still under development.

The Benefits

Moving from a monolithic application to an application based on microservices and cloud, facilitating its administration and maintenance, and improving performance, taking advantage of the benefits of Amazon’s managed services.

From Teradisk we have been in charge of optimizing costs.

The project is now within the VWGS landing zone on Amazon.

Thanks to IAM, access to the microservices architecture can be securely controlled.

All dealers in the southern European cone and England will pass their orders through this system, as well as the configurator and the visualization of the order status.

Omar Casterà

Teradisk Founder