Developer services


We develop training plans according to the needs of our clients:

Code control tools and integration systems – continuous deployment (Gitlab, Jenkins, Bitbucket)

Task automation tools, configuration management and infrastructure-as-code (Ansible, Chef, Terraform, Cloudformation)

Containerisation and container orchestration systems (Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, ECS, Fargate)

Best practices in application development (Decoupling / microservices, PHP/Symfony/Laravel applications)

Architecture and Management of Public Clouds


We perform audit services of deployed or design phase implementations. We propose actions to improve performance, security, availability or concurrency according to the client’s needs. We also audit relational databases at both the structure and query level. We are experts in improving response times through caching strategies or geo-distributed infrastructure.


We can provide complete solutions (infrastructure and deployment support) for continuous integration and distribution solutions such as Gitlab, Jenkins and Bitbucket.

We also support public cloud CI/CD tools such as AWS CodePipeline, Azure DevOps and Google Cloud Build.


We have experience in the design and management of architectures deployed as microservices with synchronous or asynchronous communication (AMQP), either through orchestration or serverless systems.

We provide a total solution where the deployment, infrastructure and monitoring system are seamlessly integrated.


Our administration and support service allows the developer to focus only on the activities that add value for him/her.

Our support service philosophy is characterised by “going the extra mile” in the relationship with our customers, working closely with the development team to detect code-related issues that affect the end-user experience.

Application monitoring

As part of our extended service to developers, we offer the possibility of contracting application monitoring services (APM) such as New Relic or Datadog at favourable conditions.

In turn, our technicians are accustomed to interpreting and resolving incidents through this type of tool, making problem detection more agile and communication with developers more fluid.

DevOps As A Service

We have a team of engineers with extensive knowledge in the implementation of automation solutions, continuous integration and distribution, IT systems improvement and development support.

Our technicians are used to working with agile methodologies (SCRUM and Kanban). Our services can be offered both Off-Site and In-Site.

Need more information?

We are always open to talk to you, if you need more information about any of our services, you can contact us.