Corporate services

Active directory

We manage, configure and design Microsoft Active Directory systems. From entire reorganisations after years of disarray, to day-to-day management: ABM of users, management of GPOs.

Hosting ERP/CRM/BI

We host your ERP / CRM / BI using the flexibility of our private cloud, or the capacity of the public cloud. In addition to our know-how, we rely on partners specialised in the main ERP systems: SAP, SAGE, Microsoft, Tryton, Odoo and others.

Workstation virtualization (RDS)

We facilitate the transition to the remote working model for our customers by integrating Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services solution. We also reduce the TCO of workstations by using thin clients.


We perform audits against corporate and institutional standards (CIS, NIST, HIPAA or PCI). We design and execute security actions in both private and public clouds:

Secure accessibility to remote environments (Windows or Linux).

Perimeter security actions such as attack surface reduction, detection and management of external attacks or Denial of Services, blocking incoming and outgoing illegitimate traffic.

Deployment and management of IDS/IPS tools (Trend Micro Deep Security) and anti-virus tools.

AWS security through GuardDuty, SecurityHub and Inspect.

AWS Audit Logs (VPC Flow Logs) and Cloudtrail.

Corporate networks and connection between offices

We analyse, design and implement complex corporate networks that require interconnection between sites, as well as with the cloud (hybrid solutions).

Possibility to deploy redundant solutions to improve the reliability and availability of the different connections in critical processes and fully integrated with our monitoring system.

Discharge SPLA

We are an Authorised Microsoft Licensing Authority (SPLA). SPLA licenses allow the customer to move to a pay-as-you-go (Capex to Opex) model, allowing a cost that was usually considered fixed to become variable.

Our service allows the client to disengage from the management and renewal of the same.

Need more information?

We are always open to talk to you, if you need more information about any of our services, you can contact us.