About us, Teradisk.


Create and manage technological solutions that meet the client’s needs in order to boost their objectives and achieve their goals through a close team of people.

At Teradisk we believe that the best way to be committed to the customer is to guarantee our team good working conditions, in order to provide exceptional service to customers, thus achieving the same purpose.

Our way of collaborating with the client is our best added value, involving ourselves fully in forming a cohesive team, and consequently having the capacity to respond as quickly as possible to the constant dynamism of the market. The “peace of mind as a service” that there is a team behind you watching your back.

Our vision

To be the leading provider of managed IT services in Spain and to increase our international presence by attracting new customers.


Exceed customer expectations

Teradisk’s value proposition should not be limited to providing management services or resources. Our main characteristic is that we roll up our sleeves in pursuit of our clients’ interests and we demonstrate this in our actions:


We provide the most efficient solutions in terms of price, form and time for our clients.


We are committed to the success of our client, even if that means exceeding our scope of service.

Passion and proximity

We love what we do and this enthusiasm permeates our service.


We believe in teamwork, not only at Teradisk level, but also understood as a broader concept where solutions must be found through collaboration between different actors such as suppliers, customers and sometimes even the end user.

Well-being of the parties involved


We ensure a good and collaborative working environment by thinking in personal and professional development, not only in the technical field, but also in soft skills such as communication, organisation, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, humility and adaptability. We offer fair rewards and we extend the company’s success to the whole team.

Providers and partners

We establish close relationships with our providers and form strategic alliances with those that ensure the achievement of our mission. We do not mind giving priority to relationships that help the company develop well.


We ensure the company’s profitability and growth. Accurate financial information is provided in a transparent manner.

Clients and end-users

They are our object and our raison d’être. We must look after their interests at all times.

Innovation at the service of our customers

Teradisk works to enable our clients to take advantage of the latest innovations in IT by facilitating technology transfer to their usage needs. Teradisk avoids proposing trendy technologies that do not provide real benefits and always argues its choices on the basis of client-relevant variables such as improved performance, availability, security or price.

If it does not bring real value to the client, it is not an option.

Transparency and honesty as a basis of trust

At Teradisk we believe that the best way to build client loyalty is through the establishment of a relationship of trust based on transparency, honesty and complicity.

Our aim is not to get it wrong, but if we do, the best explanation is the truth.

Teradisk by Grupo Aire

On 22 May 2023, the integration of Teradisk into Grupo Aire, the telecommunications leaders in the Spanish market, was announced.

Here you can read the whole article.

Together connecting the world.

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