Cibersecurity Services

Safety in the life cycle

Detect, prevent, and fix security issues during application development

ELK-Centralised logging


Code scanning

Stress Test

Vulnerability scan + report

Ecommerce anti malware


XDR CrowdStrike


Block bad actors


We proactively monitor the security of companies by identifying network threats

Threat analysis + BOT management with AI

Package compliance

Vulnerability Management

File Integrity check and alerting

SOC 8×5

Business continuity and data integrity

How to move forward with your business and keep the information correct and complete.

Backup and execution consistency

Full backup restoration

Disaster Recovery


In addition to having the best solutions to achieve an optimal level of security, the human factor plays a crucial role in maintaining cybersecurity in the company, and for this, training is the best ally.

Security Awarenes for users

Terranova’s training courses test employees’ knowledge of cybersecurity and information security. Through interactive videos, explanatory texts and short evaluation tests, users acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to become a first firewall.

In this document you will find what is included in each MSP package.
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