Managed services (MSP)

Systems monitoring

We deploy comprehensive monitoring solutions that span the entire value stream, namely hardware/network components, operating system, services, applications and even business metrics.

With a data retention of 3 months (actual data) and 1 year (average data), the system allows for detailed post mortems and the implementation of error prevention strategies.

The solution provides a perfect integration with Ticketing – Service Desk and Alerting tools, allowing us to control and intervene in the event of incidents in an agile and effective way.

The deployment of the solution is done from a holistic and business approach:

Who is the client or end user?

What is the value proposition that monitoring should ensure?

How do the different parts of the system affect them?

What are the critical business metrics?

What thresholds should be set and how critical are they?

Data acquisition

We work on the development of ad-hoc solutions for data ingestion and monitoring of systems such as enterprise databases (SAP/Hana, Oracle), interfaces with Cloud services (AWS Cloudwatch, Azure Monitor, Stackdriver) and ERP/CRMs (Salesforce, Odoo, Tryton).

We design and execute custom ETL processes tailored to your needs.


Through the study, design and creation of dashboards, we ensure that “the data” is made sense of and is composed of relevant information for the client.

Seamlessly integrated with the monitoring and data ingestion system, we have experience in designing Dashboards for Ecommerce, Mass media, Microservices, Corporate Networks and even business processes.

24×7 on-call service

We offer a 24×7 on-call service with a high quality, multilevel and humane technical team.

Our objectives:

Reduce incident downtime

Act transparently, honestly and keep the client informed

Ensure that solutions, even temporary ones, are reliable in terms of security, durability and performance

Update management

We provide our customers with our update management system for Linux and Windows systems.

We agree on the execution windows that have the least impact on customers and the levels of patching that best suit the customer’s needs.

We apply the best methods of deployment and administration of update management tools (Wsus, ManageEngine, AWS SSM).

Backups and Disaster Recovery

We adapt the backup services to the client’s needs in terms of retention time, periodicity of recovery points (RPO) and granularity of the information to be secured.

We design and execute Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and perform Disaster Recovery process simulations to estimate recovery times (RTO).

We offer the possibility to implement hybrid backup systems (On Premises to Public Cloud, Cloud to Cloud), to take advantage of low-cost services such as Glacier or Azure Storage.

High availability

We have the know-how and tools for the creation and management of critical systems that require an availability of four nines (99.99%). These types of systems are usually those that directly affect business turnover or critical operations, hence the name Mission Critical.

High user traffic

Our experience in the online world, both in e-commerce and digital press, allows us to offer solutions aimed at high user traffic.

We help developers and integrators to improve their solutions so that they can serve thousands of concurrent users.

Need more information?

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