Vulnerability Assesment


If you are going to read this post, first watch the video👇🏻 It’s short. 1 minute. Promise.

(don’t cheat, watch the video, we made it short).

 Already? Perfect. Let’s continue…

Does any of what you have seen ring a bell? Or maybe is it a recurring theme in your IT department? Or, if worse comes to worst, have you experienced it in your company? 😱

(If you didn’t understand a thing, but it sounded like something bad, read on).

We experts are always saying that having a security strategy is vital to keep your company’s information safe from any attack that could threaten its integrity…🥱 And it is not just a matter of setting up barriers such as a firewall, but also of detecting and closing any access route that could be used by third parties…😴

Better with an example?

 🧨 Imagine that there is an undetected vulnerability in your systems (Aha…with the number of times you have received offers to perform a security audit 😶)

💥Let’s say that causes your systems to be affected by a cyberattack (Wait… And how much did you say it cost you to set up the website that was just attacked? 😰)

☠️ We assure you that the outcome could be dramatic. 😱🤯😭 (We will not be explicit so as not to hurt sensibilities).

What do you prefer, an “I told you so” or a “better safe than sorry” ? It’s up to you.

Yes, prevention has a cost 💶, value it in terms of the price you put on your peace of mind 😌.

As experts of those who tell you the above👆🏻, we also explain that there are security tools 🔧 that help us to avoid 🛑 DISASTERS (yes in CAPITAL LETTERS and bold) that can have a very negative impact on your company (but a very negative one), to the point of compromising its continuity ⏹ (No, we are not bluffing to sell more, we have cases for a book). 📖).

And what tool are we bringing you today?🥁🥁🥁 The vulnearibilty assesment! 🟰 Identify, classify and quantify the vulnerabilities of a system, equipment or application (wow).

This process achieves the following objectives 🎯:

 🔎 Identify all existing vulnerabilities in the system.

🛠 With specialized tools: able to identify a large number of vulnerabilities 📡

🖐🏻 Manually (a little help for the previous one and this way we make sure that we do not miss anything).

🚦Classify and identify them based on its pre-established criteria (the more likely they are to occur, the higher the level of severity):

              Severity 🟠

              Impact 🔴

              Probability of exploitation 🔴

📊 Quantify the risk posed by each vulnerability (you don’t want to come across any of them, we can assure you 😖).

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. This is an ongoing process 🔁 to be performed periodically. You know, everything changes and evolves: to new and more sophisticated systems, new and more frightening vulnerabilities (the never-ending story).

(Now comes the marketing part, the “call to action” they call it). At Teradisk we offer a security portfolio 📒 adaptable to each client (we have a very nice result, all said and done) and with a range of solutions that include vulnerability assessment, pentesting (we wrote about it here or CDN/WAF solutions (we also have literature about his here and here) among others.

Tell us what you are worried about or what you need by clicking here (no one has left us their details yet, so we give you the pleasure of being the first one to do so 😏).

Omar Casterà

Teradisk Founder

evaluación de vulnerabilidades, seguridad, vulnerability assesment

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