Secure communications

Our solutions


Description: CDN solution for securing web applications of any kind. WAF and geographic content distribution according to user proximity. Encryption and security methods and blocking of DDOS attacks.

Price: Integration and parameterisation from 260 depending on the applications to be integrated. Monthly price from €40/month.

Tera-Zero Trust

Description: Protect your users, devices and networks with zero trust application access and zero trust browsing. All pricing plans feature the same basic set of security controls designed to deliver the efficiencies of Cloudflare’s global network. User navigation with access control, site locking, in a fast and secure way. Scanning of downloaded files for malware or viruses in real time. The secure web gateway keeps your data safe from malware, ransomware, phishing, command and control, shadow it (unauthorised corporate systems) and other internet risks on all ports and protocols. Logs all user interactions at a high level of detail.

Price: Integration and parameterisation from €560 depending on the devices to be treated. Price from €8/user, support from €180/month.

Tera-Secure Net

Description: Fortinet Appliance-based solutions. Site-to-site integration, VON connections, IPsec tunneling for end-to-end encryption, connection logs, access control and security in corporate networks.

Price: Integration and parameterisation from €1120.

Service and maintenance, from €240/month.


Description: Device for establishing multiple encrypted tunnels with users. Simple VPN server, with access control and user management.

Price: Initial integration from €560.  Monthly service from €40/month. Support from €60/month.