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Yes, influencer marketing is booming. And thanks to this type of MKT, strategies are less invasive and companies are more credible. Influencers bring visibility and credibility, which helps to increase sales of what they promote because their target is much more engaged. A good influencer marketing campaign contributes to increase conversion and gets quality traffic to your website.

According to data from eMarketer, 71% of marketers recognize that influencer marketing is effective and 74% plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets.

So, why should you use Fastly if you do infuencer marketing campaigns?

US-based **Fastly** provides CDN services providing its customers with a global network of servers to store and serve content quickly and securely along with web application firewalls (WAF) that protect companies against Internet attacks.

The main advantages of using Fastly ➡️ **NO WORRIES** and **PEACE OF MIND**

No worries about whether the infrastructure will withstand the huge amount of requests, and the peace of mind of knowing that your campaign can be scalable. Your website will hardly slow down thanks to the configurations that we can apply from the systems team, applied to the technology that Fastly supports, and added to a constant monitoring so that everything is under control.

🟢 Some of the benefits of using Fastly 🟢

🕹 Fastly offers a richer feature set, including support for custom VCL rules, giving you more control over how your content is delivered.

🌐 Fastly’s Anycast network allows the user to receive the web resource always from the closest possible location. You can check the map at:

💶 Fastly’s pay-per-use pricing model can be more cost-effective than subscription-based pricing, especially for high-traffic sites, allowing you to pay more only when you run campaigns: Pay only for the traffic you receive.

Twitter, Wired, Kickstarter, Rakuten, Etsy, Shazam, Yelp, GitHub, Firebase, Cloudera, Stripe, New Relic and Imgur are some of the companies that already rely on Fastly and its ability to support a huge number of requests.

Fastly ➕ Influencer Marketing Campaigns 🟰 ✅

Fastly allows you to speed up your social media content and updates to reach your audience faster, ensuring that your content loads optimally and without interruptions so that your users don’t miss a thing.

Omar Casterà

Teradisk Founder

Fastly, Marleting de Influencers

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